Further Telephone Threats from eyada.com's "Dan and Scott Show"

Eyada.com is dead. These pages are being kept online for documentary purposes.

Screen Shot from eyada.com's last day, July 9, 2001
Eyada boasts of harassing 'unsuspecting prey' through their beepers

Recently I discovered several audio files on a third-party site which provide strong evidence that eyada.com's "Dan and Scott Show" has called people, using my name and clips of my voice, threatening the people called with prosecution, and generally heaping verbal abuse on them, not just once but at least a dozen times.

While the recording is not direct from eyada.com's archives, it is clearly Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus, using the same voice clips and technology which they used on October 18, 2000 to threaten a woman with prosecution. The chances of the recording being a fake are, in my opinion, very slight.

In a single session, Schulz and Wirkus are recorded calling seven different people, one of them three times in a row. Dates given with the file place this group of calls in October 2000. On this occasion they did not call a phone-sex number, but stated that they were picking random numbers out of a directory.

The calls were interspersed with gloating comments by Dan and Scott. After completing one call, they said to their audience, "I've just put you through the worst five minutes of your life, but have a good day." In one case, a woman answered the phone, then handed the call off to a man, while small children were heard in the background; both the man and the woman were threatened with prosecution.

With one victim, they stated, "Calling once is a good time, two times is funny, three times is harassment." Nonetheless, they called him three times, on the excuse that he had been rude to them.

Perhaps the most telling comment was a disappointed one which they made after failing to get enough fear or anger out of one of their targets: "Uneventful. An old man, a nice old man."

eyada.com bills "The Dan and Scott Show" as comedy. However, calls of this type do not constitute comedy, entertainment, or commentary of any legitimate kind. They are simply exercises in sadism for the purpose of acquiring advertising revenue and taking a petty form of revenge.

It is impractical for me to determine all the occasions on which such calls may have been made. On at least one occasion, eyada.com's webmaster apparently used "Blank McBlank" to half-conceal the a reference to me by "The Dan and Scott Show," so it is quite possible that the defamation campaign is continuing.

I have begun transcripts of these calls, and will list them here as time allows me to complete them and upload them:

I had offered a reward for information leading to collection of damages from the Eyada.com predators. Since so much time has elapsed, and the people responsible for the harassment have scattered to parts unknown, I don't think it's possible to take successful legal action, so I have withdrawn the offer.

Tips on Telephone Harassment

The odds that you will get a call from "The Dan and Scott Show" are extremely low. However, there are other perverts who engage in similar tactics, even if most of them don't broadcast their calls over the Internet. So the following advice may have some general value.

Caller ID is your friend. If the name displayed in the caller ID box says "EYADA," don't pick up the phone.

If you receive a phone call from a total stranger, and that person is clearly trying only to frighten or anger you, don't argue. Your reaction is what the caller wants. If they get a strong enough reaction -- such as I was foolish enough to give -- they may develop a fixation on you. Either hang up, or silently record the call as evidence, making sure you're complying with local laws about recording and giving notice. If you don't give them the response they crave, they'll dismiss your response as "uneventful" and move on to someone else.

Know if call trace is available in your area. If you receive threats of violence or repeated abusive calls, follow your local phone directory's instructions for tracing the call, and file a police report. The trace will cost a small fee.

Copyright 2001 by Gary McGath.

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