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Music is one of the most important parts of my life. I have a deep love of classical music, and am also heavily involved in the music of science fiction and fantasy fandom called "filk music." These pages include some of my songs and express some of my thoughts about music.

My own pages on music:

The Retune of the Mad Scientist, a free online songbook with 29 of my songs.
Some of my song lyrics in PDF format.
The Filkado (a fannish musical)
A definition of "filk music"
upcoming MASSFILC meetings and other filk events
Lord of the Dance
The Spirit of Filk
The Magic Flute: An Individualist Analysis
Why Is There Music?
Songs of Freedom
Book Review: The Art of Practicing
Filkers' Rules for Encore
FilkContinental 2002
The Key of P. D. Q.

Various musical links:

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