Filkers' Rules For Encore(TM)

The game "Encore," published by Endless Games,Inc., is great fun for filkers to play. Unfortunately for us, the rules are targeted at players who don't know a lot of songs; some modifications are necessary to make it enjoyable by people who can quote large numbers of lyrics and their parodies by heart. The following are some suggested rules for filkers. With appropriate changes, they can also be used by anyone who needs changes in order to avoid a truly "endless game."

Disclaimers: I have no connection with Encore or Endless Games. This page is offered just as an attempt to make the game more enjoyable.

This commentary is based on the Endless Games rules, which are slightly different from the earlier Parker Brothers rules.

The changes:

Encore is a trademark of International Design Workshop, Inc.

Copyright 2000 by Gary McGath

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