Rampage of random telephone threats by "The Dan and Scott Show"

Call #2 of 10

Eyada.com is dead. These pages are being kept online for documentary purposes. Attorney Jonathan Geballe told me that by reporting these threats publicly, I was showing I wasn't sufficiently horrified by them to want to conceal the act, and thus weakening my case, much as it's sometimes claimed that rape victims weren't really traumatized if they're willing to talk about the rape in court. But there's no one left to take legal action again, so there's no loss to me in keeping these pages up now.

This is the second of a series of telephone calls which eyada.com's "Dan and Scott Show" made, apparently on October 19, 2000, threatening and abusing people at randomly dialed phone numbers and broadcasting the threats as "entertainment" for advertising revenue. Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus, acting as employees of eyada.com, used recordings of my voice, including my name, to deceive the victims into believing that I was the caller. As with the other calls, this was broadcast on the Internet by streaming audio for commercial purposes.

In this case, they threatened a family with a small child. After all, what does it matter whom they frighten as long as eyada.com's advertisers keep paying them to do it? Fortunately for the peace of mind of their intended victims, the connection was apparently very bad, making most of the threats unintelligible, although the recording made on eyada.com's end was clear.

Woman: Hello.

Eyada: (Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus at the controls, recordings of my voice being used, perhaps one or more other eyada.com employees assisting): Hello. This is Gary McGath.

Woman: Huh?

Eyada: I'm making a complaint with the police.

Woman: Who's this?

Eyada: This is Gary McGath. Go on.

Woman: I can't hear you, I'm sorry.

Eyada: You forget one thing. When you try mailbombing me...

Woman: You want to talk to Lynn or to Mitch?

Eyada: ... done to yourself?

Woman: Hello?

Eyada: Yes?

Woman: Who did you want to talk to, Lynn or Mitch?

Eyada: Yes?

Woman (sounding more distant from receiver): Mitch?

(Voice of a small child is heard in the background)

Eyada: Hello. Hello.

Man: Hello.

Eyada: This is Gary McGath. I'm making a complaint with the police. I'm going to have you prosecuted.

Man: What's that?

Eyada: You seem to forget one thing. When you try mailbombing me ... wind up having the same thing done to yourself?

Man: What's that?

Eyada: You're just plain evil.

Man: I've got...

Eyada: Hello.

Man: I can't hear you. Hello.

Eyada: Go on, suffer your own miserable little life. Keep getting revenge on a universe which you're never going to succeed in getting.

Man: What are you talking about, I'm sorry?

Eyada: Keep talking.

Man: Hello.

Eyada: I'm going to have you prosecuted.

Man: Hello.

Eyada: I'm making a complaint with the police.

[Telephone click] Eyada: Have a good day.

Man: Who is this?

Eyada: This is Gary McGath.

Man: What can I do for you?

Eyada: Just what do you think you're gaining? Do you try this kind of campaign against everybody who protests against your spam? Have a good day.

After this call, Dan and Scott commented that on a previous occasion, they had angered a person in Florida to the point that he threatened to kill me.
Copyright 2001 by Gary McGath.

Last updated September 9, 2001

This was the second of ten harassing phone calls made by "The Dan and Scott Show," one after another, to seven different randomly selected victims, falsely using my name. Transcriptions of further calls will be added, and links provided here, as my time permits.
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