Rampage of random telephone threats by "The Dan and Scott Show"

Call #1 of 10

Eyada.com is dead. These pages are being kept online for documentary purposes. Attorney Jonathan Geballe told me that by reporting these threats publicly, I was showing I wasn't sufficiently horrified by them to want to conceal the act, and thus weakening my case, much as it's sometimes claimed that rape victims weren't really traumatized if they're willing to talk about the rape in court. But there's no one left to take legal action again, so there's no loss to me in keeping these pages up now.

A Web page which was put up on nbci.com, and which featured prominent banner advertising for eyada.com and "The Dan and Scott Show," included RealAudio files of a number of telephone threats which eyada.com's "Dan and Scott Show" delivered to randomly dialed people, using clips of my voice and falsely identifying themselves with my name. These threats were broadcast to eyada's audience as "entertainment," for the purpose of gaining advertising revenue. Extensive commentary in Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus's voices is included in the clips, leaving no doubt that they were in fact the perpetrators of randomly dialed harassing calls for the purpose of putting money in their pockets and those of their boss, Bob "King Biscuit" Meyrowitz. The date on the window title is October 18, 2000. Since there is a statement in the commentary that the "Dan and Scott Show" had called me the day before, and since they had in fact left a message on my answering machine at 2:12 AM on October 18, I take the date to mean that the calls were made on the "Dan and Scott Show" dated October 18, which was actually broadcast in the early morning hours of October 19.

By way of introducing the session, Dan Schulz stated, "so now we're going to call random numbers." On the first call, the phone is answered after five rings.

Woman: Hello.

Eyada: (Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus at the controls, recordings of my voice being used, perhaps one or more other eyada.com employees assisting): Hello.

Woman: Who is this?

Eyada: This is Gary McGath. You seem to forget one thing. When you try mailbombing me ... wind up having the same thing done to yourself.

Woman: I don't understand, who are you?

Eyada: Yes?

Eyada: This is Gary McGath. I'm making a complaint with the police. You're just plain evil.

Woman: I'm complaining?

Eyada: Yes?

Woman: Who am I complaining to?

Eyada: You really think you're going to wipe us all out one at a time?

Woman: I don't know what you're talking about.

Eyada: Keep talking.

Eyada: I'm making a complaint with the police. I'm going to have you prosecuted.

Woman: A complaint to the police?

Eyada: Yes?

Woman: About what?

Eyada: I'm going to have you prosecuted.

Woman: About what?

Eyada: Just what do you think you're gaining? Do you try this kind of campaign against everybody who protests against your spam?

Woman: I have no idea what you're talking about. You must have the wrong --

Eyada: Damn slime idiot. You don't care what happens to anybody, do you?

Woman: You have a nerve talking to me like that.

Eyada: Yes? Go on. Keep talking. ... the rest of your life is spent in the same kind of miserable suffering, which is shown by the fact that you keep coming back to run this game, that you enjoy destroying people's lives by teaching them to mailbomb.

Woman: I have no idea what you're talking about. Go --

Eyada: Go on. Go on.

[Telephone click] Eyada: Have a good day.

After completing the call, Dan and Scott explained that "a star goes next to that number," to place in a special ("scurvy"?) database. "I think Amy's getting lazy, she's got one database of numbers that she's using, and they're all old. Old or foreigner names."
Copyright 2001 by Gary McGath.

Last updated July 10, 2001

This was the first of ten harassing phone calls made by "The Dan and Scott Show," one after another, to seven different randomly selected victims, falsely using my name. Transcriptions of further calls will be added, and links provided here, as my time permits.
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