Monica Cellio / Stack Exchange Archive

I've been following Monica Cellio's dispute with Stack Exchange with interest. From everything I can tell, she's been punished for non-existent violations of rules that were not in effect. I closed my own Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange profiles in disgust. However, people should be able to judge this for themselves, and I'm concerned that the pages in question may be taken down or changed.

I've pasted the content of some relevant pages into PDF files and posted them here for archival and reference purposes. I've done a simple copy and paste and may have omitted some information. Some links have been removed to avoid confusion (e.g., Stack Exchange login). Other links may not work properly. Sorry for any deficiencies in the conversion of the files. The content is the main point.

If there is anything which you believe should not be there, please contact me at garym[at]mcgath[dot]com.

All of these files are snapshots from December 22, 2019.