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Pine Valley Estates: Condominium Rules and Regulations

This is a transcript of a copy of the condominium rules which Mr. Walker found from several years ago. It's incomplete, missing at least one rule (on water usage) which was voted in since then, and there is no date on it. Amendments are under consideration as I'm posting this. But it's the best copy of the Pine Valley rules which is available to me, so I'm putting it on line. Many thanks to Mr. Walker. Any copying errors are my responsibility.

Please note that all these rules precede my term on the Board. Don't blame me! :) — GM


These Condominium Rules are adopted for the benefit of Owners of Units in Pine Valley Estates, a Condominium. They are intended to contribute to preserving the clean and attractive environment and to securing the peaceful enjoyment of the Condominium. They are also intended to protect and enhance the value of the Owners' property. They are not designed to unduly restrict or burden the use of the Property.

All residents of the Condominium and their guests are expected to abide by these Rules which are meant to supplement the provisions of the Declaration and By-Laws.

1. Additions to Exterior of Buildings. Changes affecting the appearance of the exterior of the buildings, such as decorations, awnings, television and radio antennas, signs, screens, sun shades, fans, or other changes are to be made only with the consent of the Board of Directors of the Condominium ("the Board").

2. Hanging of Clothes, Etc. No clothes, linens, or other materials shall be hung or shaken from windows, placed on window sills, hung or draped from a balcony or railing, or otherwise left or placed in such a way as to be exposed to public view. Outdoor clotheslines or other outdoor clothes drying or airing facilities are not permitted in the Condominium.

3. Noise. Owners, guests, and lessees will be expected to reduce noise levels after 10:00 PM, so that neighbors are not disturbed. At no time are musical instruments, radios or television sets to be so loud as to become a nuisance.

4. Maintenance of Patios, Decks and Garages. Owners will be responsible to keep their patios and/or decks, and access steps in clean and sanitary condition. The drive leading to each Unit is to be kept clear of obstructions and personal items and is to be used only for access to the Unit and/or for the parking of registered motor vehicles.

5. Littering. There will be no littering. Paper, cans, bottles, cigarette butts, foods and other trash are to be deposited only in appropriate trash containers and under no circumstances are such items to be dropped or left on the ground or other Common Area of the Condominium.

6. Trash, Refuse, and Garbage. No one shall place trash or other refuse in the Common Area, except in containers or depositories therefore.

7. Outdoor Equipment. Bicycles, sporting goods, cooking equipment, baby carriages and other personal articles and equipment must be kept within the unit.

8. Maintenance of Common Area. Improvements, maintenance and landscaping of the Common Area shall be performed only by the Board, unless otherwise permitted by the Board.

9. Improper Use of Common Area. There shall be no use of Common Area which injures or scars the Common Area or the plantings thereon, increases the maintenance thereof, or causes unreasonable embarrassment, disturbance or annoyance to other Owners in their enjoyment of the same.

10. Outside Activities. There shall be no organized sports activities, picnicking or fires, except in areas approved by the Board. A charcoal fire in a protective metal barbecue container may be used in places approved by the Board providing it is carefully guarded and not hazardous to buildings or other property in the Condominium.,

11. Planting of flowers. Owners shall be permitted to plant flowers in areas approved by the Board. Such plantings shall be at the Owner's expense and subject to standards as to location, use, and maintenance established by the Board from time to time.

12. Household Pet. Household pets will be allowed, pursuant to the Declaration only with the consent of the Board. If pets create noise, are allowed to run loose without supervision in the Common Area, or in any way create a disturbance or unpleasantness, the Board will be forced to withdraw its consent in which case the pet must be removed. Each Owner will hold the board harmless against loss or liability for any actions of his pets within the Condominium.

13. Speed Limit. The speed limit for all vehicles within the Condominium is 10 mph.

14. Offensive Activities. No offensive activities shall be carried on in the Condominium nor shall anything be done or placed within the Condominium which may be a nuisance, create unpleasant odors, or cause unreasonable embarrassment, disturbance, or annoyance to other owners or the public.

15. Children and Guests. Owners shall be held responsible for the actions of their children and guests. If occupancy by guests creates a nuisance to other owners, the Board shall have the right to require that the offensive guest leave.

16. Action in Violation of Law, Etc. There shall be no use of or activity in any Unit of Common Area which shall be in violation of any governmental law, ordinances, rule or regulation.

17. Passkey. The Board may retain a duplicate key to each Unit. No Owner may alter any lock or install a new lock on any door leading into the Unit of such Owner without the prior consent of the Board. If such consent is given, the Owner shall provide the Board with a duplicate key for its use. It is not intended that an Owner's privacy be intruded upon, and such key shall not be used except in an emergency.

18. Consent Revocable. Any consent or approval of the Board or Manager given under these Rules shall be revocable at any time.

19. Complaints. Complaints of violations of these Rules should be made to the Board. If the Board feels that the complaint is justified, it will take whatever action it deems necessary. The complaint [sic] will be notified in writing by the Board as to what action has been taken.

20. Amendment. These Condominium Rules may be revised in any way at any time by the Board as conditions warrant, provided that a written communication is sent to each owner and advising him of the change.

21. Delegation of Powers. The Board, in its discretion, may delegate its power and duties with respect to the granting of consents, approvals and permission under these Rules, to the Managing Agent, if any, of the Condominium.

22. Vehicles. No unregistered vehicles shall be stored on the property. Each unit shall be allowed a maximum of two vehicles.

23. Business Use. No business, occupation, profession or other activity for profit shall be conducted by a unit owner in the unit.

24. Tree cutting. No unit owner shall cut, trim or relocate any tree or brush without the express written consent of the Board.

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