Pine Valley Estates: A Peronal History

This page is a personal history by Gary McGath of my experiences, mostly unpleasant, with Lawrence Walker and James Morrissey, who maintain a tight hold over the Board of Directors of Pine Valley Estates, Valley Lane, Kingston, NH. See also my notes from my time on the Board of Directors.

November 14, 2020: The Annual Meeting scheduled for November 5, 2020, at 3 PM, didn't happen because the number of units represented fell one short of a quorum. Consequently, no officers were elected, and all the terms expired.

I had previously thought that the election of Broadley to a single year was improper, but on re-reading the By-Laws I have changed my mind. This means his term was for just one year because it was for the balance of my term, and has expired along with the others.

Properly, the meeting should be continued to a later date. Given that the meeting was already held behind schedule, it's doubtful that a meeting could be held within the window of time provided. I didn't try to push for a continuation.

Walker suggested that the Board can elect directors. I can't find any such capability in the By-Laws. State law provides that condominium associations can hold votes by mail, if not prohibited by the By-Laws. My reading is that the By-Laws neither provide for nor prohibit such a vote. Some creativity would be involved, and I suggested getting the advice of the association's lawyer. Walker suggested that it would be impossible because it would require the vote of a meeting to authorize a vote by mail. Check trhe logic of that: The Board has the power to (in the words of our outgoing president) "get rid of the ballots" and have their votes replace ours, but not to enable us to vote. I award blond wigs to Walker and Morrissey.

October 17, 2020: Walker and Morrissey tried to slip through 2020 without holding an Annual Meeting. The standard date specified by the By-Laws, the third Saturday in September, went by without a notice. I wrote to the Consumer Protection Bureau and to Walker and Morrissey. Only after that, they announced an outdoor meeting on the condo grounds on Thursday, November 5 at 3 PM. Scheduling a meeting outdoors late in the fall on a workday afternoon seems like a good way not to get a quorum. Please submit a proxy if you can't make it.

The announcement finally revealed that the name of the third Director is Lucas Broadley. I don't blame this person for any of the stuff. Just putting up with the other two is more than I could do.

The announcement claims that Broadley, who was elected in 2019, is up for re-election. This would violate the By-Laws. Directors are elected to a two-year term. The only exception was for some of the original Board members, who had one-year terms. I assume this was an attempt to stagger the terms, not to put some of them on a short leash. Only Walker and Morrissey are up for re-election this year, regardless of what they claim.

February 26, 2020: There was a long gap between open Board meetings dates, which are supposed to be quarterly. We still have received no financial statement, nor have we been informed who was elected to the Board in October 2019. A meeting has been announced for March 16. THE MEETING IS CANCELLED due to COVID-19 concerns.

June 9, 2019: I have resigned in disgust from the Board of Directors of Pine Valley Estates. My attempts to move the Board away from personal power games have been unsuccessful, and so much stress for such a lack of results just isn't worth it for me. I'm very sorry.

Here's an account of my unsuccessful attempts to deal with manipulation and dishonesty. You can reach me at garym [atsign) mcgath (dot] com if you'd like me to tell you more.

November 28, 2019: It's well over a month since the Annual Meeting, and the owners still haven't been told who currently constitutes the Board of Directors.

January 10, 2019: Greenstone has informed us that there may be a condo fee increase at the start of the next fiscal year (July 2020). The bylaws are unclear on whether fees are set for the calendar year or fiscal year (they say only "year") and the Board has interpreted this as "fiscal year." The bylaws say that a financial statement is supposed to be delivered to owners who didn't attend the Annual Meeting within 10 days after the Annual Meeting. This didn't happen. The Board is behind schedule in announcing its next quarterly meeting.

Last updated November 14, 2020