The Book of M'Gath

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This is an open-ended, exploratory collection of essays. The premise here is that what makes us human is our ability to understand and ask questions about the world. The most important thing we can do with our lives is to make our best effort to understand, and then use that understanding to improve our lives.

This page, and the pages under it, catalogue my attempts at understanding. I leave it to others to judge how well I've done this, and perhaps to offer suggestions for improvement. If you think I'm completely wrong, perhaps my errors will still help to highlight the truth by contrast. Whatever you think of it, I hope you'll apply your best critical thinking, and not just your patellar reflexes.

I call this collection "The Book of M'Gath" because it is partially inspired by the fictitious diary kept by G'Kar in the Babylon 5 TV series, in which he developed his thoughts on life. This diary came to be called "The Book of G'Kar." I don't think there's any danger that this will come to be taken for sacred scripture, as his book was by the people of his homeworld; at best, a few people might think it's inspired by the devil.

Book Reviews
The Starting Point
The Law's Delay
The Jericho Massacre
Thinking Machines
Poem: The Darwin Fish
In Defense of "Hate Speech"
Why I Do Not Vote
The Validation of Ethics
Hell: A Monstrous Doctrine

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