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  • Looking south on the Pemigewasset toward the Daniel Webster Bridge in Franklin original:hi-res/danlwebster.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Franklin Falls Dam. 4-May-02. The river here is known as the Pemigewasset; it becomes the Merrimack where the Winnipesaukee flows into it a few miles downstream. original:hi-res/franklindam.jpg;;width:800;;height:501
  • Boscawen-Canterbury bridge on the Merrimack (closed) original:hi-res/boscant.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Garvin Falls Dam, Bow, 4-May-02. original:hi-res/garvinfalls.jpg;;width:800;;height:507
  • Hannah Dustin statue, near junction of Contoocook and Merrimack Rivers, Penacook, 10-Mar-02. original:hi-res/dustin.jpg;;width:600;;height:800
  • Sewalls Falls Bridge, Concord, 10-Mar-02 original:hi-res/sewall.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Robie's Country Store, Hooksett Village, 10-Mar-02. original:hi-res/robie.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Bridge Street Bridge, Manchester, viewed from the east. 9-Mar-02. original:hi-res/BridgeSt030902.jpg;;width:600;;height:800
  • Plaque of the old Notre Dame Bridge. 9-Mar-02. This plaque is located under the current Bridge Street Bridge, and was made for the earlier steel arch bridge on the same site. original:hi-res/NDBridgePlaque030902.jpg;;width:800;;height:737
  • Bedford railroad bridge, 28-Apr-02. The original wooden bridge was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1868-9, and rebuilt as an iron bridge in 1897. The original granite piers still support the bridge. original:hi-res/bedford.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Taylor Falls Bridge, Nashua original:hi-res/taylorfalls.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Tyngsboro Bridge, Tyngsboro, 28-Apr-02. original:hi-res/tyngsboro.jpg;;width:800;;height:596
  • Lowell, 28-Apr-02. original:hi-res/lowell.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Joseph R. Ouellette Bridge, Lowell, 28-Apr-02. original:hi-res/ouellette.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Merrimack River in Haverhill, 17-May-02. original:hi-res/haverhill.jpg;;width:800;;height:674
  • Merrimack River, Amesbury, Massachusetts. original:hi-res/amesbury.jpg;;width:800;;height:600
  • Merrimack River, Newburyport, Massachusetts. original:hi-res/newburyport.jpg;;width:800;;height:554
  • Merrimack River reaches the Atlantic, Salisbury, Mass. original:hi-res/salisbury.jpg;;originalDate:6/13/09 11:17 AM;;cameraModel:Canon PowerShot A550;;exposureTime:1/500s;;isoEquivalent:80;;aperture:7.1;;focalLength35mm:34.9mm;;width:480;;height:360
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