Pine Valley Estates

Pine Valley Estates

News: On November 28-29, 2018, Young Brothers, Inc. installed water filters in Buildings 1 and 2. I didn't learn of this until December 10. The cost was $8600 ($4300 per building).


This is my personal page with hopefully useful information for residents of Pine Valley Estates, Valley Lane, Kingston, NH. My name is Gary McGath. I'm a member of the Board of Directors, and I'm putting this page up because I think providing information is part of my responsibility, but I don't speak for the Association, the Board, or Greenstone here.

My personal approach to the position: We Board members aren't your landlords. You're owners, not tenants. It's our obligation to keep the association running in a way that makes Pine Valley the best it can be. We're supposed to keep you informed and not spring surprises on you without your input. I'm trying to make sure this is what happens.

Property management is handled by Greenstone Property Management, P.O. Box 88, Amesbury, MA. They're the people to call if there's an issue with the property.

Valley Lane is a private road, but it provides access to the Kingston Town Forest, so the town has an interest in it.

Heating fuel is propane, provided by Suburban Propane in a community tank. Our units are individually metered. Electric power is from Unitil. If you're moving in, you need to contact both of them to set up accounts.

The water is well water. The system was recently upgraded so that there are two wells, one for units 1-8 and one for 8-16.

Trash pickup is on Tuesdays, except for some holidays. Recycling pickup is on alternate Tuesdays. See the Kingston solid waste disposal page for more information. Note that some things aren't recyclable. These include polystyrene foam, plastic bags, textiles, and some kinds of plastic. Putting non-recyclables into the bins increases the cost for everyone.

Other town information is at

You may find a page on Blogspot for Pine Valley Estates. It's abandoned and years out of date. No one currently living here has any power to fix it or kill it.

You can reach me at garym [atsign) mcgath (dot] com. Please let me know if any of this information looks wrong, or if there's something else that would be helpful.